How to Move Your Web Hosting

You might find that you want to change your web hosting to another company for any number of reasons. You may be unhappy with your current web hosting provider, or you may have found a better price or package elsewhere. Most people however, put off changing their web hosting because they think it is something that is complicated, difficult or time consuming. Here we make it easy for you, we tell you how to move your web hosting.

First – find a new web hosting company

You may have the company in mind that you have chosen to switch to, however if you haven’t, spend some time looking into what you want, seek recommendations, and settle on something that suits your needs, your budget, and that has a good reputation. What kind of operating system (Windows or Linux) do you prefer? Do you require any Microsoft specific softwares? What are your storage and bandwidth requirements? It is worth bearing in mind that you should keep your old account open with your existing web hosting company until everything is switched over.

What is required during the transition?

It is a good idea to back up all your files to ensure that when you switch over, you are covered should something go wrong. This is also necessary for being able to upload your files onto your new hosting. This is done by accessing the FTP and downloading the files in one folder to keep the file structure in place. Once you have signed up to the new web hosting provider, you will be able to make the required DNS changes (Domain Name Servers) – this is straightforward and the company will provide you with such instruction. This can all be accessed on your new control panel.

Changing DNS can take around 24 hours to propagate, however after doing this and uploading your files, as well as directing your domain, you should be able to access your website as normal. It is only at this point, as well as dealing with any email accounts, forwarding or pop accounts, that the old hosting account should be closed. It is often easier to have the domain names and email on the same accounts as your hosting, however it is not necessary, and it is possible to keep your domain names with one company, and just move the hosting to another.

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