The Brain is Wrapped in One Giant Neuron

The brain is the most complex part of the body, and one that even experts will feely admit still baffles them at times. In terms of understanding the human brain, we have only just begun. The latest to be revealed by scientists is that there is one single giant neuron that is wrapped around our entire brain. Neurons are a form of brain cell that generate the bio-electrochemical signals that make each individual, an individual. This neuron in question forms part of a group of other neurons in the brain.

One of three long neurons, these are said to stem from a group of cells name Claustrum. While this discovery has yet only been confirmed in mice, it is highly likely that our human brains have the same thing, as the similarities between the make-up of both specie’s brain is almost identical for the most part.

How did they carry this experiment out?

As mentioned, this experiment was carried out on mice. The scientists began by slicing the samples of mouse brains, which they then injected with a dye which was fluorescent, and allowed them to map out pathways. This allowed them to then take thousands of pictures of the various pathways, which were then fed into a computer for 3D rendering. This then allowed them to look at it in greater detail.

It was then discovered that these long neurons were a kind of ‘information highway’ for the brain, carrying large amounts of information around the brain to where it needed to be. Applying to both information, and behaviours in an individual, the dense front area of the brain where the human Claustrum acts as a headquarters, conducting the neurons.

Claustrum is clearly a vital component of brain power, however after much experimentation it does not present a definite role as such. Some research found it to respond better to sound, while some responded better to visual stimuli, and then those prone to seizures found their brain to react in a different way too.

This research has opened questions up for further research, and opened doors of possibility for further experimentation and the testing of theories. The brain continues to fascinate us all, and experts are keen to keep up research in this particular area.

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