New Study finds stubborn children more likely to be successful adults

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Being a parent of a stubborn child can often be an exhausting, thankless responsibility. When you’re trying to convince your 5 year old that ice-cream is not actually good for you and that wearing your gloves in winter might just prevent you from getting sick. It can often feel like you should have been endowed with super powers to be truly prepared to handle them.¬† There is however some light at the end of the tunnel. New research has shown that stubbornness in children is not only good for driving parents to alcoholism, but is also a good predictor of a child’s future success in life.

Your stubborn child might pay you back for all the hard work one day

That’s the results of a study that’s been going on for decades. Following 700 children starting when they were 9 and following them until they were adults in their 40’s. The kids were monitored for traits such as studiousness, conscientiousness and of course defiance. The scientists were trying to uncover which traits correlated with success later on in life. It came as a shock to the researchers to discover that the kids that ignored the rules as well as their parents¬† earned the biggest salaries later on in life. So if your child is demanding a bigger ice-cream, it is likely that this will equate to demanding a bigger salary one day.

Times also wrote a study taking a slightly different outlook at why stubborn children might mould into successful adults. They argued that stubborn children might be more competitive in the classroom, which would earn them better grades, they might feel more confident to ask questions when they don’t know something. As adults they might be more demanding when locked in salary negotiations. They might be the ones demanding more. They might also be more likely to fight for their own financial interest, regardless of the risk of annoying friends and colleges. Lastly the authors don’t rule out one final yet negative potential trait. That as adults they might attempt to use unethical means to inflate their salaries. Similar to how they may have tried to trick their parents into getting what they wanted as a child.

It’s worth concluding that pure stubbornness is not enough to ensure a fruitful life of happiness and success for your children. Overall, research has shown that the other two major contributors to a child’s success are parents that are both financially well off and intelligent. It is often the case that children will grow up to mimic their parents in later life. Most entrepreneurs are born into the families of entrepreneurs. Knowing however that stubbornness is “one” of the key factors in a child’s future success might just help you get through another argument with a little more of your sanity and optimism intact.

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