New study finds coffee helps prevent alcohol related liver disease


It turns out coffee was not just invented to wake you up in the morning and help you deal with your unruly children.

A new study with over 43,000 participants, which lasted over 2 decades found that drinking as little as one or two cups of coffee per day lowers your chances of developing alcohol related liver cirrhosis. The study found compelling evidence which demonstrated a statistical reduction of around 44% in developing cirrhosis in participants that were daily coffee drinkers. The review which was published on the 25th of January is one of the first to show the protective and healing properties of coffee. We are seeing a lot of new studies that show that sometimes simple remedies might offer medical breakthrough’s.

Dr Oliver Kennedy who conducted the research found that risk of developing liver cirrhosis was lower at higher levels of coffee consumption. The studies showed that drinking only one cup of coffee per day would reduce the risk of cirrhosis by 22% whilst drinking 4 cups per day was associated with a reduced risk of around 65%. However it was found that their might be a upper ceiling where beyond a certain point there is no further benefit.

Cirrhosis is a condition that causes the deterioration of the liver. Replacing healthy tissues with scar tissue that can block blood flow. In most cases it is caused by alcohol consumption, hepatitis infections, diabetes, immune diseases and obesity. And over time the damaging effect on the liver can be fatal.

The problem we face with this research is that it is often ignored. Leading professionals in the liver community are not quick to adopt new evidence especially when the studies make such dramatic claims or offer quick fixes. It should also be noted that these studies focused purely on the protective properties of coffee against alcohol related cirrhosis and did not account for other types of liver damage. Hopefully more studies will be done in the future which will shed more light on these findings.

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