Mutation Has Slowed Down x4000 Since Evolution

Scientists have discovered an extremely fast rate of mutation during evolution, at the beginning of time, which shows these initial life forms to have evolved at a rate 4000 times faster that we would see in our present day. A large amount of the mutations we are discussing have been spontaneous, which are caused by cytosine deamination, which is the loss of an amine group from cytosine, which is one of the four bases that makes up DNA. The process in turning and transforming such DNA codes is something that is faster and more efficient in higher temperatures. Therefore, due to higher temperatures here on Earth at the beginning of time, evolution would have happened faster.

Evolution through mutation would not have only been faster, it would have also happened more frequently, enabling a faster rate of evolution than we would see today. Scientists have discovered, through thorough directed research, that very shortly after liquid being present on planet earth, evolution was already taking place. Research found that 4.1 billion years ago evolution was taking place, right after the first oceans appeared, when the temperatures on Earth were hot. This was researched through samples of rock found in Australia.

Scientists have found certain organisms to thrive in hot temperatures, even at around boiling point. Exact copies of ancient environments have been reconstructed in order to research theories further, and while other factors such as PH were considered, temperature was clearly shown to be the most effective deciding factor when it came to seeing why evolution was more efficient in the beginning.

Temperatures on Earth have cooled to such a degree that the mutation of organisms have slowed significantly, compared with how it was at the beginning of time. But, it is possible that many could have stopped the evolution process altogether due to the fact that much higher water temperatures are needed to create the circumstance.

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