Fidgeting for calories

Ever wonder why that annoying girl at your work who is always tapping her feet or clicking her pen manages to stay so skinny?. Turns out that the actual act of her fidgeting might be the answer. New research has shown that the habit of extra little movements throughout the day contribute to why some people are able to stay so lean, whilst obese individuals tend to be a lot more sedentary.

Just how many extra calories a day could you burn from fidgeting? Well that depends on how often and how intensely you fidget, roughly around 300-350 calories per day. This number varies though, someone who paces up and down constantly would burn more calories than say a foot tapper. Other contributing factors such as baseline fitness, weight and muscle content would also play a role.


This means that by fidgeting you would be able to eat that extra ice-cream or chocolate bar compared to someone who doesn’t fidget without gaining any extra weight. The only problem with using this as a means to lose weight is that the average person that would be classed as fidgety tends to do so subconsciously.

However there are some ways to fidget your way to a fit body.

  1. Pace whenever possible
  2. Stand instead of sitting in situations that allow for it.
  3. Try combining tasks, so if you’re on the phone, walk while you talk.
  4. listen to music when you’re working at tap your feet.
  5. Always take the stairs.

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