Climate Change To Cause Sickness and Chaos

You will have to have been living under a rock not to have heard about the effects of climate change – something that is very real, and it’s side effects can already be noticed now. Many people still discount climate change, or think of it as something that will affect the future generations only, but the natural disasters are already telling us that it is very much today’s problem. Whether it be the rising sea levels or the melting polar ice caps, climate change is set to cause more sickness and chaos than you might have realised.

Climate change will bring sickness

As the climate warms, diseases will flourish, and this will result in more people being ill. This doesn’t just refer to common bugs, but also to seriously life threatening diseases from contaminated water, to harmful air pollution. It is also a fact that those who live in warmer climates struggle to stabilise blood sugar, and so type 2 diabetes will be on the rise too.

The North Pole will move South

Geographically, the land that is referred to as the North Pole (not the magnetic North Pole) will move due to many factors including the Polar ice caps melting. Scientists predict that as it keeps on going, it will eventually end up in Paris! Seemingly, it has been moving 10cm every year since measuring began in the year 2000.

Volcanoes will come out of hiding

There are large amounts of volcanoes that lie dormant, covered by ice of some sort. Take those in Iceland for example, many of their volcanoes are under glaciers and other areas of snow. As the ice melts, not only does it expose the volcano, it also causes the ice to mix with the heat, which in itself can result in violent eruptions.

We will see new species of Bear

This is in fact already happening. As Polar bears are forced inland due to the melting Arctic Sea ice, they have been starting to breed with woodland brown bears. These offsprings have been referred to as ‘Pizzly’ bears, or ‘Grolars’.

Climate change will cause chaos in the economy

And of course, we will see the results of increased unpredictable natural disasters in the economy. Fossil fuels will become more scarce, and much damage will be caused by natural disaster, that the economy could really be hit.

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