The science behind why women prefer a man with a beard


Thinking about growing a beard cause your buddy with the bushy face is a hit with the ladies? Don’t worry you’re not alone. Guys with beards have been proven to come across as more attractive than their shaven faced counterparts. So what is it about that handsome bearded stranger that gets women so turned on?
A recent study has shown that it’s not really so much about the beard and everything to do with our evolution.

The way humans live today is very different from how our ancestors did thousands of years ago while we have only lived like this for the last 2000 years, homo-sapiens have been around for over 200,000 years. The conditioning from those 200,000 years is still with us. Our female ancestors needed to find strong fertile mates, and there were certain characteristics they looked for in their search.
A defined jaw line was an indicator that a man was stronger and more virile. This is where the beard comes in. It turns out women aren’t actually attracted to our beards, they are attracted to how it shapes a person’s face, specifically our jawline.
In a recent study they compared men with beards vs men that were clean shaven on an attractiveness scale. On average the men with beards were seen as more attractive. However individually they saw something different. Men that were clean shaven that possessed strong jaw lines were seen as a great deal more attractive than their bearded counterparts.

We then asked the clean shaven gents to come back once they had grown beards and the bearded gents to shave and come back for more tests.

What we found confirmed what we suspected. On average the clean shaven men that had grown beards were now seen as more attractive than before, however on an individual level the ones with weaker jawlines had a sharp rise on the scale of attractiveness now that they had beards. Which was very different to the gents that possessed strong jawlines who on average scored much lower on the attractiveness scale now that they had grown beards.

With the group that went away and shaved we saw the opposite. The men with weaker less visible jawlines scored much lower on the attractiveness scale now that they had shaven, and the ones with strong defined jawlines scored even higher than when they had full grown beards.

So next time you find yourself thinking about growing that beard, you might want to check out your jawline first..  You might not need it.

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