The future of driverless cars.

Most of you have heard about driverless cars and seen them in action in movies like I-robot, but could this futuristic idea be a possibility in the next couple of years? Driverless cars would come with a wide variety of advantages such as improved safety due to elimination of human error as well as reduced traffic congestion on roads. This technology was thought to be decades away but recently it was stated by CEO of electric car maker Tesla, Elon Musk, that driver less cars will be able to make cross country trecks within about 2 years.
The introduction of driver less cars will eliminate the need for parking infrastructure in the future and the slow-changing infrastructure of cities may have to make quick fixes in order to adapt. If these cars are able to drive themselves, parking may not need to be near specific destinations as the cars will be able to drive to designated parking locations and park themselves there. These parking locations will also save space as there would be no human interaction, which eliminates the need for side walks, elevators and stairs. If for example public robotaxi systems were implemented, this could reduce the need for parking all together. All the areas currently used for parking could be used for other development or public space. Driverless cars may also have a way to reduce traffic, by removing traffic lights all together. These cars will be able to cross intersections effortlessly without ever having human error involved to cause accidents, as shown in the video below.

So, in 2 years time you might be relaxing in the back of your car, reading the paper or watching a DVD while your car is navigating the roads and taking you cross country.

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