Missing students suffered a Night of ‘Terror,’ Investigators Say


In Mexico city, one night in September in 2014, 43 students completely vanished. The investigation is ongoing and authorities are trying to find out what really happened. The biggest hurdle in the way of solving the nights events is that the Mexico city police were involved.

Police officers circled the bus, broke windows and fired tear gas inside, this forced the students onboard to get off the bus. “We’re going to kill all of you,” the officers warned according to an eyewitness account. One of the police officers also pointed a pistol at the driver and said “you too”. There were military vehicles on the scene as well and federal police looking on while the students were loaded into police vehicles and have never been seen from since. The reason for the students abduction remains a mystery to this day.

The Mexican government has tried to block any international investigations into the case, however two reports the most recent which was released on Sunday offer the most up to date account of the events that unfolded that evening. This includes the death of six other innocent bystanders including three students and all those that were injured.

There were roughly just over 100 students that set out that evening of Sept26, 2014 with a plan to steal some buses. This is actually a tradition at the school that had been done for many years. The buses would be taken and used to transport their class mates to an event and then return them the following day. The bus companies and authorities mostly put up with it.

The students were all in good spirits that evening a student later testified. But security forces had already got wind of the students plans that evening. Then the shooting began.. Several police vehicles that were now in pursuit of the the buses began firing warning shots into the air. This at first did not deter the students. After warning shots had been fired the police began firing at the buses directly, this is when the students lay on the floor.

The police had also blocked off the road with a vehicle. The students in the bus got out and tried to push the vehicle out of the way but were fired on by police officers forcing them to take cover behind the buses. One of the students was fatally struck in the head. Police also fired at students who tried to rush to his aid.

At the entrance of the northern beltway, students began to come out from their hiding places and regroup at the scene. The police had left by then and the students tried to use their phones to record the evidence of the violent attack while also trying to communicate with their classmates that had been abducted.

Journalists as well as teachers arrived on the scene and a news conference had formed on the side of the road. Around an hour later witnesses reported seeing a black car with it’s occupants wearing bullet proof vests as well as a police car driving nearby the scene. After some time the passengers in the black car jumped out and began firing on the news conference, two people were killed instantly and the students and teachers were injured.

The survivors fled into the surrounding neighbourhood. Three hours later eyewitnesses report still seeing the dead bodies of the two men that were killed lying in the street. The next morning authorities also found the body of another student. His facial skin and muscles had been torn away from his head, his skull was fractured in several places, and his internal organs were ruptured. His condition, the investigators wrote, “shows the level of atrocities committed that night.”



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