17 year old Danish girl fights off rapist and now will be charged with a fine


A 17 year old girl was physically and sexually assaulted in Sonderburg on Wednesday night at 10pm.  She said that the man who was dark skinned and did not speak Danish knocked her to the ground and then began unbuttoning her pants in an attempt to undress her. She was eventually able to stop the attack by using pepper spray on her assailant.

“It is however illegal to possess pepper spray in Denmark, so she will likely be charged for that said” said a local police spokesperson.  The case has sparked outrage in Denmark and around the world and Danes who point to an increase in sexual assaults on woman by asylum seekers say they no longer feel safe and that the police are not able to control the problem.

Numerous readers have written in saying that they would be willing to pay the girls fine, which would be around 500 kroner. The man that attacked the girl managed to flee from the scene and has not yet been apprehended.

In related news a nightclub in Sonderburg has begun barring any patrons that do not Speak Danish, English or German as they feel this will lower the incidents of sexual harassment against their female patrons. Other clubs in the area are considering doing the same.

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