Car Insurance Increases For Victims

Even though you might have been in a car accident that absolutely wasn’t your fault, it is still highly likely that your car insurance can go up. It is a foregone conclusion that if you crash your car or cause an accident, your car insurance will go up. However, most people would not expect their insurance to rise if they were the victim involved in an accident, that wasn’t your fault. A recent consumer survey however has concluded that this is indeed correct in many cases. So, if another driver hits your car, your insurance could rise too. This was discovered to vary across America, from state to state, and rise as much as several hundred than it once was.

Car insurers have been quick to defend such findings, saying that this is taking a simplistic approach to something that is far more complex in the way it is worked out. Each accident, whether it was the fault of that specific driver or not, is worked out to criteria on it’s own merit, and a ‘one size fits all’ approach is not taken. The specific details of the accident are carefully considered, and a rise in the victims insurance will happen should it be fitting to the specific circumstance of what actually took place.

One should therefore understand that the accident is not always the fault of the driver who hits into another car. The driver who is hit could have some kind of blame in the situation, should it be lack of reaction time, or lack of awareness and judgement when maneuvering on the road. There are many factors that come into play when analysing an accident, and it is not something that is done lightly by insurance companies.

What should you do if you feel that your car insurance has taken an unfair hike? Well if you have been involved in an accident, there is no guarantee that moving insurance companies will necessarily mean that it is not taken into consideration. However, as always, you are free to phone around and seek quotes from a variety of car insurance companies. It is likely that you might find a better deal and decide to switch companies, however it is also possible that you find you have to wear the price increase you have been given. If you feel as if you are being charged too much insurance, seek some new quotes as a comparison.

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