New Blood Test Can Detect Cancer in Advance

Each breakthrough that comes in the realm of Cancer medicine is welcomed. While on one hand there is much research that has been done into the causes and prevention of Cancers, on the other hand many scientists have put developing the disease down to bad luck and discount telling factors. There is evidence to support both theories, however medical professionals still agree that the key to preventing and beating it, is catching it early.

And, this is where the latest medical blood test comes in. The research behind this was carried out by Cancer Research UK Lung Cancer Centre of Excellence, the Francis Crick Institute, and University College London Cancer Institute. The test in question is an early detecting lung cancer blood test that is able to detect lung cancer up to a year earlier that an X-ray or CT scan is able to. The team have been attempting to discover about detecting the development of the disease.

The fact that this has now proved successful in detecting the early onset of lung cancer, there is great hope that the research behind the blood test can be transferred and be useful in developing tests for other sorts of cancers.

What did the research consist of?

The research team worked on taking samples from tumors that had been surgically removed from patients. These were then studied and analysed, with blood samples being taken and results documented. The team look out for biomarkers, and identify how they indicate the various stages of the cancer as it progresses in the body.

Where else can it be used?

This blood test isn’t just to do with detecting the onset of cancer in new patients, it is also going to be used in determining whether someone is still cancer-free or if the disease has returned. Once this was only able to be determined via biopsies or scans, but this simple blood test changes all that.

The great news isn’t only what this test can do for future research, but that survival rates are almost certainly going to increase. Lung cancer is a cancer kills more than most other cancer patients, and this test in going to be a game changer in this.

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