Heart Disease NOT Caused by High Cholesterol

After all the buzz about Statins, and how they could help save so many lives each year via preventing heart disease and heart attacks, new research is now telling us that High Cholesterol is not in fact responsible for heart disease. This means that Statins are not likely to do much in preventing heart disease. Statins also come with many side effects, and so those who do not easily tolerate them might not need to be taking them at all.

The study in question was published in the BMJ (British Medical Journal) Open Journal. Evidence suggested that actually, 92% of people who had high cholesterol lived for longer. The study was made up of around 70,000 people, in which it was found that bad cholesterol in fact was not linked to deaths from heart disease. These bold claims contradict many other studies, therefore many medical experts and academics have immediately questioned the evidence, and the balance of the experiment.

High cholesterol is caused by eating an unhealthy diet and high levels of saturated fat in particular, and these are things that have always been linked to heart disease. In addition to this, so has smoking. Experiments have been done where they lower cholesterol levels in senior patients, and monitor the effect is has on their risk of cardiovascular disease. The British Heart Foundation have also shown concern as to the accuracy of the findings, saying that as patients grow older, it is harder to pin point why things are happening due to more complex and varied health issues.

In terms of doing what you can to prevent heart disease, a healthy diet and regular exercise is advised. Keeping stress to a minimum is also important, and making other necessary lifestyle changes such as stopping smoking. However, while there are steps that can be taken in the prevention of developing heart disease, some people (due to genetics, or other health problems) will develop it against their best efforts. In this case, medications can help to keep it under control, and you health professional should always be listened to. Medication and even perhaps Surgery might be the only thing that can help in some cases.

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