Stop saying “sorry” if you meant to say “thank you”


It happens often, we find ourselves in situations where we are apologising assuming people appreciate the politeness or good manners yet the other person is more likely to be pleased with words of gratitude than an apology from you.


People often say sorry a lot without actually realising why they are saying it. Saying thank you instead shows that you are self confident and it lets the other person know that you acknowledge them.


If someone has taken the time to listen to you, it already means they care. Instead of apologising to them, let them know how much you cherish them, and how grateful you are to have someone like them in your life that takes time out for you when you need it.


In our heads we really mean thank you when we are apologising to someone for helping us out, but actually saying thank you is so much more powerful and it shows people that you value them.


By saying “sorry” you’re putting the other person in the position of needing to make you feel better. You’re giving them a sad person to interact with who they will instinctively want to help. Instead by saying “thank you” you’re making them feel good AND you’re giving them the gift of getting to hang out with the happy gratitude-full version of you which makes their life better and more fun!


It’s amazing how people react in different ways to the same point, depending on how you deliver it. By apologising for your ‘weaknesses’ or genuine mistakes, you’re instantly putting yourself at fault. By thanking the person you feel you have ‘wronged’, they instantly feel helpful and a positive exchange is much more likely to follow.


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